Send packages overseas from Japan,
Use for shipping.

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Sending products purchased from Japanese e-commerce sites overseas.

Sending packages to overseas businesses.

Sending products from Japan to family and friends living abroad.

How to Use

Just sign up first,

Then let's ship from Japan to overseas in 3 steps.

Step 1

Shop in Japan

Let's send your items to your exclusive Sendon address, available upon signup.

Sendon Address?

Sendon Address is your personal Japanese domestic address obtained through membership registration.

Delivery to Sendon Address

Step 2


Request to package and combine multiple items into one package.

About Input Price

To complete customs procedures, we ask you to input the price of the items that arrive at your Sendon address. For more details

About Consolidation

By requesting packaging, we will pack your items. You can also choose consolidation packaging or eco-packaging options. For more details

Step 3

Request Shipping

Choose your shipping and payment methods to request delivery to your home.

About Shipping

Select the shipping method and payment method, then submit a shipping request. After submitting the request, the shipping process is usually completed within one business day. For more details


Multilingual Support supports multiple languages, including English, Chinese, and so on. We also provide customer support in multiple languages.

Various Payment Methods

We accept various payment methods than any other shipping service.

You can pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, credit card, and euro bank transfer.

Free Storage for 90 Days

We will keep your package safe until you are ready to ship.

Also, we provide dedicated storage space for each of our customers.

Customer Reviews

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Q. Any documents required for international shipping?

A. Yes. International shipping requires documents to be submitted to customs in each country/region, but will automatically prepare the documents for the users.

Q. Any restrictions for the package?

A. There is restrictions of items depends on country/region. Please make sure to check these prohibitions & restrictions before the purchase. The maximum weight limit is 30kg. If the package overweight 30kg, please contact us before sending the package.

Q. How much will be the rate?

A. It depends on the shipping country/shipping method/weight/size. No handling fees are charged, only shipping and option fees.

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