Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Name of the company IB Total Service Inc.
CEO Satoru Ishibashi
Address 2-15-18 Ainokawa, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture 272-0143
Contact The information will be disclosed without delay when the customer sends an inquiry to the following email address.
Cost of services It can be found on Sendon.com Price List Import proxy from the U.S.here page of the service.
Required fees other than the service fees Internet connection fees and communication fees required for ordering products are responsible by the customer. Please contact your internet provider, cell phone company, etc. for the extra fees. Other necessary fees are as follows.
  • ・Consumption tax
  • ・Optional service fee: Packing fee, etc.
  • ・Customs duty fee
Payment method 【About payment method】
We accept international credit card payments, PayPal and Mobile payment services.
【About the fee】
・We will notify you of the fee via email and My Page as soon as the goods are inspected and weighed at our warehouse. (Our service will not confirm the estimate price and order to the user in advance. In order to deliver the package to the user as soon as possible, we will only notify the charge for the package that has arrived at the warehouse. The shipment will be sent by the platform after the user has completed the shipping procedures and payment).
・We will only accept domestic delivery in Japan if you accidentally send a prohibited item or if it is difficult for you to ship overseas. We will notify you of the charges for shipping your package to the designated address in Japan.
Time of product delivery We will ship your package after the payment.
You can check the status of your package at 'My Page'.
Please note that you cannot specify the shipping date or arrival date.
Shipping restriction We accept all packages that can be shipped overseas.
(However, this does not apply to packages of a size or weight that cannot be sent via EMS.)
Weight limit: More than 30kg *If the weight or size of the package exceeds the limit at the time of shipment, the package will be divided into separate shipments (additional charges will apply for each piece).
There are some prohibited items that cannot be delivered to all countries and regions, so please make sure to check before sending your items to us.
Prohibited items
Special provisions for returns and cancellations Due to the nature of our service, we are unable to accept requests for returns or exchanges on our website. If you wish to return or exchange an item, please choose one of the following methods and email us at support@sendon.com.
・If you wish to return or exchange an item, please choose one of the following methods and email us.
・You will be required to return or exchange the product to the place of purchase.

The user will be responsible for all costs related to the following:
・Commission for requesting a return or exchange to Sendon.com: 2,000 yen.
・All shipping costs for domestic product returns or exchanges.
・All customs clearance fees.
・In the event that the package is returned to Japan because the recipient is not at home and the package cannot be picked up within a certain period of time, the shipping and insurance fees for reshipment will be charged.
・If the customs of the destination country rejects the import of the package due to prohibited or restricted goods and the package is returned to Japan: shipping and insurance costs for reshipment.
・If the package is returned to Japan due to the recipient's refusal to receive it: shipping and insurance costs for reshipment.
Homepage address https://sendon.com