How to Use

How to Use

1. Registration

Let's sign up for free membership. After registration, you will get your exclusive Sendon address in Japan.

2. Shopping

Let's purchase items from Japanese domestic e-commerce sites.

You can still make purchases even on e-commerce sites that do not support international shipping.

Let's input your Sendon address into the delivery address form during the purchase process.

3. Enter the Price

Once the items arrive at your Sendon address, please enter the price of the products.

The entered price will be used for the customs clearance document.

Note: We will inform you of the arrival of the items via email from our company.

4. Packing Request

Once all purchased items have arrived, let's submit a packing request.

By requesting consolidation packing, multiple items can be packed into one box, allowing you to reduce shipping costs.

5. International Shipping Request

After selecting the shipping and payment methods, proceed with the payment and submit the shipping request.

Note: Once payment is confirmed, we will proceed with the international shipping procedures.

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