Usage Fee

Usage Fee

Forwarding Service

・International Shipping Fee

Depending on the shipping method, the actual weight of the package or the larger of the actual weight and volumetric weight is used for calculation.

Shipping methods calculated by actual weight: SAGAWA, EMS, Air Mail, Sea Mail

Shipping methods calculated by the heavier of actual weight and volumetric weight: FedEx, DHL, OCS, SF Express

Note: YAMATO is calculated based on the total size of the three sides.

・Insurance Fee

It is possible to insure the package being shipped.

In the unlikely event that the package is lost, stolen, or damaged, we will compensate for the actual loss amount.

・Package Registration Fee

150 yen per box

This is a registration fee for managing your packages in our system. It applies to each box that arrives at the Sendon address.

・Storage Fee

Free storage for 90 days

After 90 days, it is possible to store for a fee of 200 yen per box per day, up to a maximum of 30 days.

Packages that have exceeded the paid storage period will be discarded.

Optional Services and Other Fees

・Consolidation Fee

550 yen per application

We will consolidate multiple boxes that have arrived at the Sendon address into one box.

To withstand international shipping, we will put the box of the arrived package into a reinforced box for international shipping and double-pack it.

Note: If you do not wish to have double packaging for reasons such as lightening the package, please contact customer support. A separate reduced packaging fee (450 yen) will be charged.

Note: Due to the size or weight of the package, it may not be possible to consolidate the package into one box. In that case, 550 yen will be charged for each consolidated box. The reduced packaging fee is the same.

・Repacking Fee

1,000 yen per application

If you wish to repack your completed packing request by adding or removing additional packages, it will cost 1,000 yen per application.

・Special Packing Fee (Lithium-ion Battery)

700 yen per box

For packages that include products with built-in lithium-ion batteries or products that use lithium-ion batteries, shipping is possible if the weight of the lithium-ion battery is 5kg or less per box. The shipping method can only be FedEx or DHL.

・Individual Wrapping Fee

From 150 yen per item

If there are fragile items such as glassware, we will use cushioning materials and reinforce the packaging for each item.

・Special Packing Fee (Large or Uniquely Shaped Items)

From 1,500 yen per item

This fee may be charged when packing items that are difficult to pack in a regular box.

Example of items: Cupboards, etc.

・Oversize Fee

FedEx, DHL, and OCS charge the following fees for weight and size overruns.

FedEx: 3,390 yen if the actual weight exceeds 31kg, or if the size exceeds (please inquire).

DHL: 15,000 yen if the actual weight or volumetric weight exceeds 70kg. 7,000 yen if the length exceeds 120cm.

OCS: 10,000 yen if the actual weight or volumetric weight exceeds 70kg. 5,000 yen if the length exceeds 120cm.

・Remote Area Fee

FedEx, DHL, OCS, and SF Express may charge a remote area fee depending on the delivery address.

・Customs Clearance Fee

2,800 yen

For EMS, air mail, and sea mail, Customs Clearance Fee of 2,800 yen will be charged for shipping packages with a total product price exceeding 200,000 yen.

・Customs Duty

Charges will be made based on the tariff items set by each country/region. The amount charged will be determined by the type, item, and declared price of the package (whether it is below the tax-free limit). If customs duties are incurred, they will be borne by the customer.

・Other Fees

In addition to the above, additional fees may be incurred as needed depending on the condition of the package.

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