About Identity Verification

About Identity Verification

What is Identity Verification

Based on the 'Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds' revised in Japan on April 1, 2013, overseas forwarding service providers are obliged to verify the identity of customers.

Information required for identity verification

For identity verification, a photo ID and the following information are required.

・Name for identity verification

・Date of Birth

・Current Address

How to proceed with identity verification

After registering as a member, please submit the documents from the identity verification document submission page on My Page.

There are two patterns of document submission for identity verification.

1. If you submit a photo ID with your current address

Example of submission document
ID card or driver's license with your current address

2. If you submit two types of documents: a photo ID and a document with your current address

Example of submission document
First type ID card
Driver's license
Student ID
Second type Receipt of public utility charges (water, electricity, gas)
Documents from telephone company
Documents from Internet provider
Rental contract
Tax payment certificate
Receipt of social insurance premium
Documents from bank etc.


You can send your package even before the identity verification is completed.

Delivery to an address other than the current address is possible from the second use. If you wish, please contact us at the chat at the bottom right or at support@sendon.com before the first use.

The identity verification process is usually completed in one business day. We will contact you by email when it is completed.

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