Consolidation Service

Consolidation Service

What is package consolidation

Consolidation is a service that packages multiple items from different shops into one.

By consolidating multiple items into one, you can save on international shipping costs compared to shipping each item individually. Regardless of how many items you consolidate, the fee is a flat 550 yen, making it a very cost-effective service.

Note: In's consolidation service, we place the boxes of the arriving items into a reinforced box for overseas shipping, providing double packaging. If you do not wish for double packaging, please choose reduce packaging service.

Consolidation Fee

Consolidation Fee 550 yen

Reduced Packaging Fee

If you do not wish for double packaging during consolidation, in addition to the consolidation fee, the following fee will be charged.

Reduced Packaging Fee 450 yen

Repacking Fee

If you wish to repackage an item that has already been packaged, the following fee will be charged.

If you wish to repackage, please contact us via the chat on the bottom right or at

Note: Repacking includes adding or removing items from the package.

Note: Even if you do not use the consolidation service and the item has been individually packaged, it will be considered as completed packaging. Please note this in advance.

Repacking Fee 1,000 yen


For consolidation, we use a reinforced box suitable for the size of the items for international shipping. However, if there is no suitable size, we will use a different box.

We will package so that the actual weight is 30kg or less. If we determine that consolidation is not possible due to weight or size, we will divide the items into separate packages. In this case, a fee of 550 yen will be charged for each consolidated box. The same applies to reduced packaging fee.

Items with special shapes or fragile items may not be eligible for consolidation.

Consolidation usually takes 1-2 business days from the day you request it. We will notify you by email once it is completed.

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